About Us

Upshot Coffee is a boutique and 100%  Fairtrade Organic certified roastery. We are committed to supplying you with the world's finest Fair Trade Organic coffee  which we roast  with love and care in small batches and can ship direct from our roastery to your door.

We began roasting in  an old butcher's shop on Station Rd. in Heathcote Valley ,Chch in 2005.This shop was badly damaged and eventually demolished following the Feb 2011 earthquake.

Upshot is currently operating at the Heathcote Riding School site at 131 Bridle Path Rd.The coffee shop runs out of a 20ft shipping container , selling simple tasty seasonal food and quality espresso to go, or to enjoy in the rustic courtyard.100% Fairtrade Organic coffee is roasted in a tin shed on site and sold from the shop.

Upshot aims to source the world's finest 100% Fair Trade Organic certified coffee beans and we roast them in small batches in a traditional drum roaster.Each batch is carefully tended by our roast master. This ensures optimum development of the flavours and aromatics  in these high grown arabica beans.With 20 years of experience roasting coffee and 12 years roasting Fair Trade beans ,we know how to coax the best out of our coffee. 

We roast a range of distinctive single origin coffees as well as unique blends .



                                                 SATURDAY 8 am - 3.00 pm